Active Shooter Training


In today’s fragile climate, it’s essential to be prepared for any kind of crisis or major incident, unfortunately, that can include active shooter incidents. With reports of active shooter incidents becoming more common in the news around the world, making sure you, your team, and your site are ready to deal with a situation like this is absolutely vital.

At Kiasu Crisis Management, we can make sure you’re more than ready when the worst happens with our Active Shooter Training course. We’ll give you the knowledge, skills, and mindset you need to prepare, respond to, and deal with all stages of an active shooter threat.

What to expect from the Active Shooter training course?

Our Active Shooter Incident and Preparedness training course combines interactive reconstructions, scenarios, and drills, with our own experience, knowledge, and industry credibility. We use the very latest technology to ensure you and your people become proficient in the skills required to deal with such an incident.

This course will help delegates at all three stages of a response; preparing for, responding to, and dealing with the outcome of an active shooter incident.

  1. Preparing for an Active Shooter Incident

The first stage in our training course is to ensure that you and your team are fully prepared for an active shooter incident.

This involves putting cutting-edge measures, procedures, and processes in place. Specific roles and responsibilities of each member of your response team will be clearly defined to make sure that everyone understands the correct individual and team movements and operational formations.

  1. Responding to an Active Shooter Incident

The next stage is to make sure you and your team know what actions to take when confronted by an active shooter.

During training, we will cover each team member’s individual responsibilities and delegates will learn how to be able to assist the emergency services in a way which facilitates a swift and positive outcome. We will also cover the importance of why a tightly-defined system of command is essential in delivering a coordinated and effective incident response.

  1. Dealing with the Outcome of an Active Shooter Incident

The consequences of an active shooter incident can be catastrophic so it’s extremely important to understand how to deal with the outcome effectively.

From supporting victims to liaising with the media, we can give you and your team the knowledge you need to continue managing the incident in a way that protects people and your brand in the best possible way once it has come to an end.

Why take part in this course?

Our Active Shooter Incident and Preparedness training course uses a mix of tools and expert knowledge to deliver the most comprehensive training to ensure you and your team are equipped with the skills needed to deal with an active shooter incident.

Just like our other crisis management training courses, it’s finely tuned to fit the way you and your people think and because it’s delivered by serious players in the industry, the peace of mind it offers in the event of an active shooter incident is second to none.

Course Details

Duration: One full day

Location: At your site

What’s included? Receive a certificate on completion, take away and keep training materials with your branding, and get the necessary tools to deal with an active shooter incident.

For more information or to book a place on the Active Shooter Incident and Preparedness training course, email us or give us a ring on 0208 988 1662.


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