RED4 Crisis Management Course for Incident Leaders

As a senior manager, it’s important that you understand how to lead and manage significant incidents. Whether this is supporting your Duty Managers or linking with board-level staff, you need to know how to target the things that matter most. It is easy to be caught in the weeds during incidents and to miss the key elements of response that protects and maintains the reputations of you and your business.

What to expect from this course?

This course will cover the importance of the Incident Leader role in the crisis management team (CMT) when it comes to incident direction and management. We’ll cover how to effectively communicate with the incident management team during and after a crisis as well as how to implement the demands of an Incident Director.

It’s vital that any crisis response is in line with the company’s values and vision so we will help delegates build their knowledge of corporate systems and arrangements, and how to implement them. We’ll also teach them the best tactics and tools for providing effective guidance to the incident team on all things policy, financial, and reputation-based to ensure your company’s crisis response is appropriate and successful.

One of the major roles of an Incident Leader is to liaise between the Incident Commander and Incident Director, to support this, we’ll help delegates learn how much they need to get involved and when they should take a step back – teaching them how to get the balance right between too much communication and not enough.

Failing to respond to a crisis in the right way can cause even more problems, so for added peace of mind, we’ll also fully cover legal statuses and implications around crisis management in this course.

Why take part in this course?

You need your leadership team to have confidence in their ability, a great understanding of their role, and how it fits into the wider crisis management team. That’s where Kiasu’s RED4 Crisis Management training course comes in.

The RED4 course will give your Incident Leaders the knowledge and skills needed to fully realise their role. After completing this course, your response team will fully understand that getting your business operational again is a priority and have the skills to make that happen.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn individual roles and responsibilities around incident direction and management.
  • Understand how to provide effective guidance to the incident team.
  • Learn the best way to communicate with the incident team.
  • Discover how to implement the demands of the Incident Director.
  • Learn people management skills.
  • Cover legal status and implications.


  • Delegates will have a greater understanding of their role.
  • Delegates will be much better prepared to respond to an incident.
  • Expert instruction from industry leaders.
  • Get training materials with your branding.
  • Delegates receive a certificate of completion.

Course Details

Duration: One full day

Location: At your site

What’s included? Receive a certificate on completion, take away and keep training materials with your branding, and get the necessary tools to deal with any major incident.

For more information or to book a place on the RED4 Crisis Management course for Incident Director roles, email us or give us a ring on 0208 988 1662.


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