RED3 Crisis Management Course for Incident Commanders

The RED3 Crisis Management Course is the perfect training programme for Incident Commanders. The people who are responsible for motivating the rest of your team during an incident, making sure everyone is putting their skills to use effectively, and for managing resources at a local level.

What to expect from this course?

This course will build on the skills, tools, and techniques Incident Commanders need to ensure everyone on the incident team performs in line with expectations and will cover the intricacies of managing a team in times of extreme pressure.

We will reinforce the importance of liaising with people in all areas of the business to ensure that everyone is on track, fully aware of the situation, and taking the necessary steps to help your organisation successfully manage a crisis.

It is important that Incident Commanders make decisions and take actions in line with your business’s policy. To support this, we’ll help identify all key areas that are essential in ensuring your response is measured and proportionate.

Why take part in this course?

Delegates who complete this professional crisis management training course will be trained to ensure any incident is managed responsibly. Your Incident Commander will come away from the day knowing the right time to get involved and when to manage – making them much better prepared to manage the response to a major incident or crisis.

Learning Outcomes

  • Delegates will be trained to manage any incident responsibly – including team management.
  • Build the required skills to ensure the incident team performs in line with expectations.
  • Review key areas of your response plan.
  • Reinforce the importance of making decisions in line with policy.
  • Know the importance of liaison between all areas of the business.


  • Incident Commanders will be much better prepared to manage a crisis response.
  • Delegates will learn how to identify the right time to get involved and when to manage.
  • Expert instruction from industry leaders.
  • Get training materials with your branding.
  • Delegates receive a certificate of completion

Course Details

Duration: One full day

Location: At your site

What’s included? Receive a certificate on completion, take away and keep training materials with your branding, and get tools to deal with any major incident.

For more information or to book a place on the RED3 Crisis Management training course for Incident Commanders, please give us a ring on 0208 988 1662 or email us.

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