RED2 Crisis Management Course for Support Roles

Our RED2 Crisis Management course is for those staff who form support roles to the individual commanding an incident.

Security controllers and supervisors’ incident responses – the initial management and deployment of resources to manage incidents and to prepare for Senior Manager arrival is vital and can be the difference between success and failure, and even save lives. Our proven Security course will enhance basic training and instil confident decision making through simple techniques, embedded through exercising with a range of scenarios. Our training has been recognised as the key difference during recent terror-related events where staff response was accurate and effective under the most intense pressure.

What to expect from this course?

In this risk and crisis management training course, key roles are identified to ensure your site can operate effectively during and after a major incident. Delegates will learn more about their individual roles and what is required of them so that they can deliver a quick response.

We will teach your support staff how to lead from the front and manage the incident effectively. They will learn how to apply people management skills in times of extreme pressure and how to liaise with people at all levels – including the media.

Taking part in this course, delegates will discover the best ways to document key decisions. Working with Kiasu tracking and recording systems, your team will develop the skills and understanding they need to ensure corporate reputation is secured and provide much-needed support to any Incident Commander.

Also, the effectiveness of your company policies during an incident is tested and the resilience of your business will be reviewed and discussed.

To give delegates a full view of incident management, the role of the emergency services are covered in detail and recovery plans are touched on, including what to plan and when to start working on it.

Why take part in this course?

By their very nature, support roles are essential in helping your organisation make it through whatever challenges it faces. After undertaking the RED2 Crisis Management course, your staff in support roles will become invaluable aides to any Incident Commander.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify key roles and outline responsibilities.
  • Understand the importance of liaising with the media.
  • Review recovery plans.
  • Learn best practices for documenting key decisions.
  • Review the roles of the emergency services.
  • Cover the legal implications of the decisions delegates make.
  • Test the effectiveness of company policies


  • Your team will gain invaluable experience in handling an incident.
  • Delegates will learn how to apply people management skills in times of extreme pressure.
  • Learn from top industry leaders.
  • Get training materials with your branding.
  • Delegates receive a certificate of completion.

Course Details

Duration: One full day

Location: At your site

What’s included? Receive a certificate on completion, take away and keep training materials with your branding, and get tools to deal with any major incident.

For more information or to book a place on the RED2 Crisis Management course for support roles, email us or give us a ring on 0208 988 1662.


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