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As international crisis management experts, we will teach and improve you. With proven results and excellent feedback across a range of high-profile clients and locations, our approach works. Our methods are effective – we simplify. Speed and accuracy are key in the locations we visit – we quickly get to the heart of what effective incident management is and, importantly, help you to achieve it. We won’t cost you fortunes either – our improvements cost pence not pounds, and have been used to manage incidents from utility failures through to major incidents such as knife and vehicle attacks, suspect packages and significant weather events across a range of venues such as shopping centres, airports and gas/oil infrastructure, both here in the UK and abroad.

Whether you manage an office complex, a shopping centre, an arena, an airport, or any other large, high profile asset, it’s essential to make sure your team is fully equipped to react to any major incident. This is equally important regardless of where your business is located – in London, Lisbon, Manchester or Marseille.

Successful and effective professional crisis management plans need to be supported by people who have undergone emergency crisis and incident management training, making them feel confident and prepared to deal with any crisis appropriately and have your business back up and running as quickly as possible.

Our RED5 incident and crisis management training programme can do just that.

Professional Crisis Management Training to Help Protect Your Organisation

Our series of major incident management training courses give you and your team the skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience to respond to any crisis effectively.

The RED5 courses are finely tuned to fit you and your organisation. Each course level offers increasing levels of intensity so you can rest assured that you’ll have exactly the right structure in place to deal with any incident that occurs.

Each course is aimed at different groups of staff and tailored to their responsibilities, from people in support roles through to the Incident Director who has responsibility for the top level, strategic view of any crisis.

Undertake training in crisis management to make sure that your business is prepared for any eventuality. Unfortunately, in today’s climate, that could include dealing with an active shooter incident so we have also created a course especially for this type of incident.

Managing the Media in a Major Crisis

In this day and age, media, especially online media, can easily exacerbate or dissipate an incident in no time, making it much harder to protect your business and brand reputation. Managing the media in response to a crisis is an important area that can’t be ignored.

As such, all levels of the RED5 incident training courses incorporate crisis management media training. This includes essential advice and guidance on how to handle the media and manage what is printed or broadcast about the incident. We can help you and your people understand how and when to deal with media representatives, what kind of information should be released, and what your overall media reaction plan should look like.

Professional Crisis & Incident Management Training

No other major incident training offers the same breadth of experience or specialist knowledge delivered by high profile leaders. After undergoing training with Kiasu Crisis Management you can feel confident that your team not only has the skills to deal with a crisis but also the confidence to put those skills into practice when they’re needed most.

Take a look at our different courses below to find out which one is most suitable for your needs. For more information on any of our courses or to book a place, give us a ring on 0208 988 1662 or email us at

Our Crisis Management Courses

RED1 – Majority of Staff

The RED1 Crisis Management training course teaches first response incident management for business as usual and terror-related threats.  Read more…

RED2 – Support

Our RED2 course tests and augments security controllers and supervisors’ incident responses.  Read more…

RED3 – Incident Commander

Through simple tools and techniques, the RED3 Crisis Management course trains senior managers to provide a consistent and effective response to any event. Read more…

RED3 – Building Manager

The RED3 Crisis Management training course allows Building Managers to confidently assume command of any ongoing incident, irrespective of experience. Read more…

RED4 – Incident Leader

Whether supporting your Duty Managers or linking with board-level staff, RED4 enables you to target the things that matter most at your level.  Read more…

RED5 – Incident Director

RED5 delivers powerful learning which places you at the forefront of immersive scenarios and ensures that you and your team become effective strategic level commanders. Read more…

Active Shooter Incident Training

Take part in our Active Shooter Incident training to ensure you and your team become proficient in the skills required to deal with active shooter incidents. Read more…

Crisis Management Media Training

Crisis communication training is included in every RED5 crisis management training course. Read more…


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