Crisis Management Media Training

Every company should engage in crisis communications training to help prepare for the unexpected. With the rise of fake news and the speed at which information can spread following a crisis, the media can make or break your business’s reputation. With the addition of online media, it’s now harder than ever to protect your business and brand reputation.

We recognise that managing the media in response to a crisis is an important area of crisis management planning that needs to take place before disaster strikes and cannot be ignored. As such, each course in the RED5 Crisis Management programme incorporates crisis management media training as standard.

Crisis Communication Training

Dealing with the media can be stressful at the best of times but in times of crisis that stress can be greatly exacerbated. The media will be more demanding than ever and hungry for information. This only emphasises the importance of ensuring your crisis management team is up-to-date on all the techniques needed to effectively manage the media.

When undertaking our crisis management media training as part of the RED5 programme, delegates will discover how to prepare to face the media, learn universal techniques that can minimise the impact of bad news, and protect your company’s reputation.

Training covers essential advice and guidance on how to handle the media and manage what is broadcast about the incident. We can help you and your crisis management team understand how and when to deal with media representatives, what kind of information should be released, and what your media reaction plan should look like – helping to inform your overall crisis management plan.

Professional Crisis Management Training

Whether the training is for your support roles or your entire crisis management team our crisis communication training can help your business maintain control, portray confidence and demonstrate credibility in times of extreme stress.

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