Crisis Management and Major Incident Management Services

Extensive crisis management and major incident training will make sure your team is equipped with the skills and confidence needed to deal with a crisis effectively – getting your business through a crisis with as little damage as possible.

As one of the leading professional major incident management and crisis management training companies in the UK, we can help your business or organisation with a range of training programmes and courses that can help keep your people, premises, business, and customers safe.

Our programme is delivered by high profile leaders in relevant industry sectors, has various levels to suit different needs, and will leave delegates confident and prepared to deal with a major incident or crisis.

RED5 Crisis Management & Major Incident Training Courses

Our RED5 Crisis Management programme is made up of five levels of innovative courses. The programme covers every stage of crisis management, from planning and preparation, through to how to deal with a crisis on the ground, and how to recover and rebuild in the aftermath.

Each course is tailored to different people within your organisation who have varying degrees of responsibility from those on the ground in support roles to high-level Incident Directors – so the content is much more practical and can be directly applied to specific roles.

At the centre of all our courses is learning about individual roles and responsibilities as well as developing a greater understanding of how the team as a whole can work together to effectively manage a crisis.

There is a focus on real-world examples and tests – we don’t just deal in theory – so after completing any of our RED5 major incident training courses, delegates will be more prepared, feel more confident, and be ready to effectively follow a crisis management plan when confronted with a crisis in the workplace.

Active Shooter Training Course

Our Active Shooter Incident Training course is an important addition to our RED5 programme. Active shooter incidents are very hard to predict and often happen over a very short period of time making them very difficult to deal with. Unfortunately, it is still something you may face and need to prepare for.

This course will give you the knowledge, skills, abilities, and mindset you need to prepare, respond to, and deal with all stages of an active shooter threat. It mixes interactive reconstructions, scenarios, and drills, with our own experience, knowledge, and industry credibility to ensure you and your people become proficient in the skills required to deal with such an incident.

Like with all of Kiasu Crisis Management’s courses, it’s delivered by serious players in the industry and tailored to you and your organisation, giving you peace of mind in the event of an active shooter incident.

Crisis Management Media Training

No doubt, you’ll be well aware of the power of media in today’s world. With the rise of fake news and the speed at which information can spread, it’s vital that your organisation is prepared to deal with the media in response to a crisis.

As such, all of our courses cover crisis communication training. Delegates will learn how to handle the media, both in print and digital, to help get in front of the incident and protect your business and your brand.

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After undergoing professional crisis management training with Kiasu Crisis Management, you’ll go away feeling confident that your team has the skills to deal with a crisis and, more importantly, the confidence to put what they’ve learned into practice at the most difficult of times.

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