RED5 - The next level in crisis management training

RED5 from Kiasu Crisis Management is a series of five fresh and innovative major incident management training courses that combine experience, knowledge and industry credibility with the very latest technology to deliver the best professional crisis management training in the UK.

We can help your business with a range of crisis and major incident training programmes and courses that can help keep your people, premises, business, and customers safe.

What makes RED5 different

Each of the 5 crisis management training courses within the RED5 programme are aimed at different groups of staff with different responsibilities, from support staff to Incident Directors.

But what makes RED5 different from other professional major incident management training courses is that it’s finely tuned to fit the way you and your people think.

It’s delivered by serious players in the industry with years of experience so the peace of mind it offers is second to none.

Training that goes beyond

Managing the media in response to a crisis is an important part of crisis management planning so all RED5 crisis management courses are supported by
crisis management media training so your organisation is prepared to deal with the media when the worst happens.

As well as our core RED5 courses, we also offer Active Shooter Incident Training to ensure your business is ready to deal with all stages of an active shooter threat.

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Our RED5 courses

Our series of crisis and major incident management training courses give you and your crisis management team the skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience to respond to any crisis effectively.

Each course level offers increasing levels of intensity so you can rest assured that you’ll have exactly the right structure in place to deal with any incident that occurs.

Find out more about each of our crisis management training courses here.

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A different kind of crisis management training company

At Kiasu Crisis Management, we can give you and your people the skills, knowledge, expertise, and hands-on experience you need to react to a major incident or crisis when it matters most.

No other training in crisis management offers the same breadth of experience, specialist knowledge, and high profile leaders as the RED5 crisis management programme. Once your staff have undergone RED5 crisis management training, you can rest assured that your crisis and major incident management plan is robust and you have exactly the right structure in place to deal with anything that is thrown at you.

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